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Wetzel Technology GmbH is working on different projects for leading companies in the aerospace industry.

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Vista2D Version 3.2.6 released.

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728 Development Simulator

728 Development Simulator

Fairchild Dornier

  Software development for 728 Engineering Simulator
  Instructor Operator station
  System models
  Navigation models
  Fokker Control Loading System Integration
  Data visualization and monitoring for Avionic Test Bench


CargoLifter Development GmbH

  Software Development for CL160 Development Simulator
  Instructor Operator Station with Touch Screen
  Interface software to CAN network
  System Integration
  Data Visualization
  Glas Cockpit Instrument Simulation



Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH

  Software Development for Tiger Simulationcockpit (SimCo)
  CAN-Bus Integration
  MIL1553 Bus Integration
  VxWorks software
  System models
  Interface software
  Integration of Simulation Instruments



EADS Deutschland GmbH

  Software Development for Flight Simulation
  Instructor Operator station
  Glas Cockpit Display Simulation
  Digital Map
  Data distribution and monitoring

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CL160 Development Simulator

CL160 Development Simulator

Tiger SimCo Cockpit

Tiger Simulation Cockpit

DaimlerChrysler Aerospace Simulation
Digital Map

Digital Map Application

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