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Vista2D Version 3.2.6 released.

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Wetzel Technology GmbH is developing digital map applications for the use in development, engineering and training simulators. Overlays allow to display an unlimited number of symbols like waypoints, routes, tactical overlays, navigation overlays etc. The pixmap data for map representation can be loaded by the user. A graphical user interface allows the easy asssignment of Map-pixel coordinates to Lat/Long coordinates.

 Additionally, a ARINC 424 reader allows to display different navigation charts.

ARINC 424 Navigation Database

Digital Map Screenshot

Map Geo Referencing

  Load any Raster map into GeoRef Tool
  Reference Lat/Long Grid
  Scissor map
  Export map tiles

Test Map with map tool

  Load map tiles exported by GeoRef Tool
  Test map

Integrate Map into application

  Easy integration in own applications
  Use of different maps at the same time
  Unlimited size
  intelligent cache management of loaded maps

Different layers

  Use different layers for displaying different map scales

Available Platforms:

  Linux x86
  Windows 2000/XP


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